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As a security officer of Earth’s first deep space vessel, I always believed there were aliens in outer space. But I never imagined they’d be total jerks. I might not have bought a ticket for the Space Z Pleasure Cruise, yet here I am, brought aboard as the...entertainment.

Abducted and far from home, I must rely on new alien allies to escape my captors. A sexy Rhonar warrior might be the biggest wild card of them all. When our enemies set off the self- destruct sequence, we’re thrown into an escape pod together.

Crash-landing on a distant planet was not part of the getaway plan.

Alone with the big lug, he’s soon calling me his fated mate. Too bad I’m not the romantic kind. Yet, as we fight for each other’s survival I can’t help but be drawn to the alien warrior’s inner fire. And well, his outside is smoking hot too.

Will we be able to find a path free of the planet’s twisted caverns? And do I dare trust in the cosmic bond pulling us together?

Only the stars know.

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