Paranormal Crimes Division

Code Black (Book 1)

Meet Sera. Journalist. Outcast. Firestarter.

Heat Up the Night…Heed the Call.Gossip mag reporter Sera Benenati knows a thing or two about unearthing secrets…and burying them. As an unregistered supernatural, her freedom depends on keeping her fire-wielding abilities contained. Yet the threat of a little flame isn’t enough to snuff out her journalistic pursuits. She’s determined to claw her way to the top and land a spot with a real paper.

When she tracks a lead on a string of gruesome paranormal murders to the small town of Buckhorn, Arizona, she’s certain she’s landed the perfect scoop. But as the crime scene reveals victims with bite marks, torn flesh, and battered bodies, Sera may have smoked out more than she can burn. As the investigation grows hot and Sera winds up in the crosshairs, she’ll need the help of a sexy shifter, special agent Talon Rede, to unmask the murderers before she becomes the next victim.



“A fascinating new concept to urban-fantasy. Definitely worth a read!” – Emmeline, The Book Herald

“A cast of vampires, psychics, and shape-shifters delivers…witty quips that round out this solid example of the genre.” – Publisher’s Weekly

“The introduction to the Paranormal Crimes Division (PCD) promises to be entertaining and tense. Humor is never far from the surface, which comes in handy because the world they patrol is treacherous and fear-inducing.” – RT Book Reviews

Red Alert (Book 2)

When the Night Calls…Heat It Up.

Special Agent Jame Bradshaw has five dead senators on her hands…and a pack of trouble between her claws. As the newest team leader for the Paranormal Crimes Division, this feisty shifter is smack in the middle of a political hornet’s nest waiting to implode. With the mass murder at the Capitol building and the city under a red alert, paranoia spreads like wildfire. She must solve this mystery before the higher-ups call for her head.

When former vampire vigilante and newly minted PCD agent, Drake, shows up to the scene, the case heats up and so does the tension. Fighting off the charms of a lethal hundred and fifty year old vamp may prove Jame’s final undoing…in the most delicious ways. But if this alpha shifter doesn’t learn to let down her defenses and channel the passion into a true partnership, she’ll risk losing more than her badge.



“As their investigation into the murders peels back unexpected layers of the paranormal world, the veil of professionalism between them drops, and they come together in a high-heat pairing that’s equally frisky and fun. A combination of flirtatious banter, sizzling chemistry, and edge-of-your-seat storytelling make this a sure bet.” – Publisher’s Weekly Starred Review

M.I.A. (Book 3)

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