What is in a character name?

Welcome to Day 1 of 365 Days Behind the Scenes of my Author Journey. Today, it’s about character names. This is the inspiration pic for my heroine. And these are the inspiration pics for my hero. It’s a little complicated because you know, alien, and also copper skin, and armor, and stuff. But you get the idea. So, the problem was I originally had them starting with “A” names. And having names like Ann and Anthony, for example, can just get confusing. So, I changed them. Our heroine still starts with an A and is inspired by a specific anime. Our hero starts with an X and was inspired by a WebToon, but in that WebToon the character’s name starts with a Z. What do you think their names are? Leave your answers in the comments. If you guess right, I’ll put you in the acknowledgements of the book.

What’s in an “A’ name?

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