Talking ISBNs! The Book Coding System

Today, we’re talking about ISBNs. And that is the tiny number on the bar code of your book. Now digital books also have ISBNs. And if they’re on Amazon, they have ASINs, and Barnes & Noble also has their own coding system. But ISBN is the universal one. You don’t necessarily need to pay for them to publish. Your publishing platform will offer free versions. However, if you use a free version, your ISBN will have a 90000 attached to it. And there’s nothing wrong with it, but it’s a clear indication that it’s a self-published book. And if you’re trying to get into bookstores, which is hard to do anyway, it will be even harder with this tag on it. So if you’re planning on publishing more than one book, I highly recommend buying a pack of ISBNs. You can use them for both your digital and print editions. Although they’re expensive, it’s worth it.

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